New Administration

Director of Instruction:
Mr. Vincent Colaluca

by Mike Cirelli

Mr. Vincent Colaluca, of the Austintown Board of Education, is a busy man. He is often stowed away in significant meetings, refining every aspect of the school district, and concentrating and working hard to improve the functioning Austintown school district. Colaluca, a father of two children who attend Boardman schools, already possesses a basic knowledge and feel for what kids need in an ever-changing business world. His main point of focus, however, is curriculum. Colaluca was hired before school began in September as the new Director of Instruction for the Board of Education. He replaced Ms. Ann Marie Hiznay, who submitted her resignation in June.

“The main duties of a Director of Instruction are, solely, the overall curriculum of the entire district, and working with both teachers and principles to improve it.” Curriculum includes the courses offered by an educational institution, and the level of difficulty within them. An example,” Colaluca offers, “ is the OISM grant we’re working on that helps elementary children read.” Colaluca works with middle school and high school, as well as the elementary schools. Commenting on the current curriculum at Fitch, he was “very impressed.” There are a lot of strict AP courses, described by Colaluca as “stringent.”

An interesting point Colaluca noted was that, “We have to meet the needs of the students; they can’t follow the curriculum from twenty years ago.” As evidence of technological improvement flaunts itself everywhere, it is clear that humans are becoming increasingly intelligent. “The business world is changing…we have to educate kids to the standards of what the business world wants.” Colaluca graduated from Struthers High School and Youngstown State University with degrees up to his knees, including Education and Sports Management. He also earned a master’s degree from Ashland University, not to mention the appropriate prerequisites to become an elementary school teacher and a middle school principal. Also, bringing with him years of experience to Austintown, Colaluca was the Director of Instruction for the Struthers school district, plus a principal and classroom teacher in Youngstown, Brookfield, and Struthers, respectively.

The Board and Colaluca go through a process while examining the curriculum. “We’re constantly evaluating the program so that nothing ever goes wrong.” He would gladly take time out of his schedule, however, to aid in other aspects of school improvement. Though, as of now, he is not a component in the current school uniform deliberation, if asked he would present his opinion.

Although his new position keeps him busy, Mr. Colaluca welcomes the challenges and opportunities he faces within the Austintown school district.


Freshmen Principal:
Mr. Tim Kelty

by Megan Roberts

Stepping into the respectable shoes of “Dr. Phil” Latessa as the new freshmen principal for the 2006-2007 school year is an actual Fitch alumnist, Mr. Tim Kelty. A new addition to the Austintown School District, Mr. Kelty is looking forward to a fresh start and a very successful school year as a member of the Fitch High School administration.

Born and raised in Austintown, Mr. Kelty attended Fitch from 1982-1986 and was involved in many extra-curricular activities throughout his four years in attendance at Fitch High School, such as football, baseball, Italian Club, Key Club, and Ski Club. “The teachers and coaches I was blessed to have at Fitch influenced and guided me to my career choice,” Mr. Kelty said. After high school, Mr. Kelty stayed close to home and attended Youngstown State University, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in science and education, along with a master’s degree in administration. Before becoming a principal, Mr. Kelty taught in the Youngstown City school district and eventually became a principal at both Rayen and Wilson high schools.

Outside of his job, Mr. Kelty enjoys spending time with his wife and three children- one boy and two girls, including his new born daughter. Mr Kelty and his beautiful family currently reside in the Austintown community. Mr. Kelty believes family values are a very important factor in a young adult’s education. If the student is brought up well, it will affect his or her actions in the classroom. Inspired by the influential coaching he received while growing up, one of Mr. Kelty’s favorite hobbies is coaching baseball. He believes this will help benefit and influence kids of the next generation.

As a new staff member to Austintown schools, Mr. Kelty felt very welcomed by both the student body and staff members. His expectations for the 2006-2007 school year are not only for himself, but also for the rest of the building. He wants to get the point across to the students that, “These are the days that will always be remembered, so leave a legacy that matters.” Also, Mr. Kelty believes that Fitch High School is truly a great place, and he is looking forward to the challenges and excitement that are to come throughout the rest of his career at the high school.

Although Mr. Kelty has big shoes to fill, with all the accomplishments and goals he has already achieved in his life, it will not be a surprise if he goes above and beyond the expectations that the students and his fellow staff members have already set for him. With the love and effort Mr. Kelty displays in both his career and personal life, he is sure to make a lasting impression on the many students and staff of Austintown Fitch High School and the several generations which he shall impact in the future.

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