TI-73 Activities

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You will need to have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to be able to read and print these files.  If you do not  have Acrobat Reader, you can obtain it FREE by clicking the golden icon above.

TI-73 Overview      This 4-page activity illustrates some of the unique features of the TI-73 including the MODE key,  the Deep Recall feature, the "F" word -- fractions!, integer division, units conversion.  I guarantee you will love this.

TI-73 Review Exercises     This 2-page activity has many exercises on it to see that the student learned how to use the features discussed in the TI-Overview activity (above).  Includes answers.

TI-73 Graphing      This 3-page activity illustrates   window settings,  y = ,  Zoom menu, Formatting, Tables, Tracing.

TI-73 Linking      This 2-page activity shows STEP BY STEP how to link two TI-73 calculators.

TI-73 Probability Exploration     This 3-page activity investigates flipping one, two, and three coins  electronically using the COIN feature on the TI-73.

TI-73 Happy Birthday     This is a 9-page data collection activity that uses student data to generate physical, paper and pencil, and electronic box & whisker plots and histograms.

TI-73 Catch the Wave     This 1-page activity is one that was originally written for the TI-82/83.